Total Smoke Show Dinner

Total Smoke Show Dinner

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Through Smoke. Per-fumum. Perfume was born when ancient Egyptians began wearing the resins, flowers and herbs used as offerings on their bodies. Perfume was born. On March 19th we will explore smoky scents from 7 different perfumers and the rituals and ceremonies performed throughout time with fire and fragrance. We will start at 6:45 with mezcal cocktails from El Silencio Mezcal. Six course dinner starts at 7:30.

Come smell, taste, touch and feel together with us. We are happy to accommodate food allergies/restrictions if you let us know at least 5 days before. If you don’t drink mezcal we can provide booze-free versions of the drinks with similar ingredients. We will send you home with some fragrant and edible reminders of the evening.

Meet us at Egg Restaurant. It is usually asleep at this time but we will be in the back waiting for you....109 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NYTips on how to best enjoy the experience will be sent closer to the date. Looking so forward to sharing with you!!!

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